31.5.2024 (Deadline)
International Online Competion of the German Association for Flute for young flutists 2024

31.5.2024 (Deadline)
DGfF online competition for adults 25+

6. Internationaler Franz Cibulka Musikwettbewerb – 12.-14.09.2024

  • Competition: This year's competition is aimed at chamber music formations in duo or trio formations and is open to two age categories.
  • Registration deadline: 01.06.2024
  • Period: The competition will take place from Saturday, 12 to Monday, 14 October 2024 in the Fux Hall of the Johann Joseph Fux Conservatory, Nikolaigasse 2, 8020 Graz.
  • Invited: Chamber music groups with an average age of no more than 30 years (the age of individual participants may not exceed 32 years) are eligible to register. The applicable deadline is 1 October 2024.
  • Requirements/information: www.artofcibulka.com oder www.konservatorium.steiermark.at

26.-30. June 2024
International Flute Competition Ferdinand W.Neess

His Art Nouveau collection and making music as a flautist: two pillars that characterised Ferdinand Wolfgang Neess' life. The competition takes up this duality and builds a bridge between Art Nouveau and the music of this period.