7th Competition for Amateur Flutists 2015

November, 21st and 22nd, 2015

Wiesbadener Musik- & Kunstschule e.V.

Schillerplatz 1-2

65185 Wiesbaden



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Every year since 2009, the DGfF organizes an amateur competition, for all non-professional flutists in different categories. In recent years the competition was sponsored by instrument manufacturers or instrument dealers and by the music conservatories of Wiesbaden and Frankfurt/M. The goal is to offer the many amateur musicians a forum, to prepare a programme and perform it in front of a jury and thereby develop one’s musical and technical skills and make new contacts with other amateur flutists. Applications from abroad are possible and welcome.



Flute solo

Flute and Piano

Flute Ensemble


Application Fee: € 40 for Members, € 60 for Non-Members;

Ensemble: € 60 for Members und € 80 for Non-Members (per Ensemble)


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