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On the Need for Transcultural Education

Social, Ethical, Musical and Medical Aspects
edited by Ewa Murawska, Ewa Baum, Jørn Eivind Schaun, M
ikolaj Rykowski

«To educate does not mean: to trample upon, to maltreat, to repress, to hurry. A child has the right to be who they are» wrote the famous Polish educator Janusz Korczak.

This thought and the belief that transcultural education is key to the harmonious development of a child gave rise to the idea of creating a monograph dedicated to educators working with children. In 2020, the research of the Polish-Norwegian-Icelandic scientific group was completed, as a result of which a nearly 300 monograph entitled «Schoolchildren in Central and Northern Europe: On the Need for Transcultural Education. Social, Ethical, Musical and Medical Aspects»,published in a frame of the Project called «EDU-action 2020–2021: Nurturing Excellence» by connection environments of Music and Cultural Education in Poland, Norway and Iceland».

Due to the great merit value of the content contained in the monograph, we recommend this publication to educators working with children and youth. 

[The monograph is a part of the Project “Edu-Action”. Beneficiary of the Project is the The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań, which has received support from the funding of euro 95029 granted by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financing. The aim of “Edu-Action 2020–2021” is to reduce economic and social differences within the EEA and to strengthen tripartite relationships between the partners in the area of education by carrying out their common initiatives.]