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Floete aktuell, the official journal of the DGfF is published four times a year and contains portraits, instrument related articles, stylistic studies - also on flute in jazz - information on competitions, reviews of books, published music and CDs, discussions of educational practice and fluteenie for children and adolescents. Past issues of the last 20 years can be reordered. A detailed table of contents can be found here:

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Flute Festival, Hamburg, 2004

Enjoy many beautiful live recordings.


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European Flute Festival '99 (Double CD)

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The two discs contain a total of 22 works in live recordings from the European Flute Festival '99 in Frankfurt am Main. Artists: Gaspar Hoyos, Elena Hribernik, Katalin Kramarics, Kersten McCall and Ensemble, Felix Renggli, Janos Balint, Benoit Fromanger, Karlheinz Zoeller, Jürgen Franz, Stefan Keller, Wehinger quartet, Arno Steinwider, Matej Zupan, Tatjana Ruhland, Karl -Heinz Schütz, Anna Schick, Henrik Wiese, Andras Adorjan and Marianne Henkel, Philippe Racine, Robert Aitken, Sebastian Wittiber.

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