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Virtual Flute Festival

Floete aktuell 2/2020

Floete aktuell, the official journal of the DGfF is published four times a year (between 1986 up until now 122 issues of the magazine were published) and contains portraits of flutists around the world, instrument related articles, such as flute construction, portraits of flute makers and the history of the instrument. 

It also features texts regarding questions of flute playing, techniques, stylistic studies, flute in jazz, new compositions as well as reviews of books, published music and CDs, discussions of educational practice, pedagogy, body work. An extra section in every magazine fluteenie is dedicated to the young players. Full access to all volumes is available for members of the DGF.

International Competition for young flutists 2020

The competition takes place on26-28 March 2021 in the Musicschool in Wetzlar!
Due to the Corona crisis, the competition 2020 will be held online ›››