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Watch: Killian Mbappe visits his father's native Cameroon

France's star footballer Kylian Mbappe arrived in Cameroon to an ecstatic welcome from fans on Thursday for a visit that includes charity work with deaf children and a trip to his father's village.

Many among the hundreds who greeted the 24-year-old forward were dressed in his Paris Saint-Germain team's football jersey for the occasion. "We are proud to see our Cameroonian brother. We want to offer him a very warm welcome," high-school student Vannel Kunde, aged 16, enthused.

He is also set to take part in a basketball game, with expectations it will involve retired NBA player Joakim Noah, the son of Yannick. Later on, he takes part in a football match against second-division Cameroon club FC Vent d'Etoudi.

Posted on 10 Jul 2023 16:02 link