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Polish city pushes for more green spaces as country is hit by heatwave

Activist recording the temperature under a tree in Rzeszów.

Rzeszów - which sits close to the Ukrainian border - is one of Poland's greenest cities. That is because of a recent push to create more green spaces within the city's limits. 

Trees work as natural air conditioners for cities, as they create a microclimate that brings temperatures down. In a tree's shade, temperatures can be around 20 degrees lower than in direct sunlight. 

Rzeszów's residents and its city hall worked together to make it greener. According to the city council's spokesperson, Artur Gernand, the local government asked residents where they wanted the trees planted. 

"This is important because the inhabitants know best where they need shade, where they need this green colour," Gernand said. "It is simply worth investing in greenery to make life friendlier so that the inhabitants feel comfortable and satisfied." 

He added that this year alone, the city planted around 1,000 trees.

Watch Euronews' report by Magdalena Chodownik in the video player above to learn more.

Posted on 26 Jul 2023 12:07 link