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This week, a key military supply bridge connecting illegally annexed Crimea to Russia saw one of its sections blown up. Russia says two drones hit the bridge in the early hours of Monday, killing two people and wounding one.

In the meantime, border guards in Libya rescued a group of migrants who said they were left in the remote desert area by authorities in neighbouring Tunisia. Following a fight between Tunisian residents and sub-Saharan Africans in July, hundreds of migrants were expelled from Sfax, the country's second-largest city and the main starting point for illegal migration to Europe.

Another rescue took place, this time at sea: Tim Shaddock, an Australian sailor, was rescued with his dog Bella after more than two months adrift in the Pacific Ocean. They were picked up by a tuna vessel from fishing company Grupomar, after surviving for weeks on raw fish and rainwater on their storm-crippled boat.

Temperatures reached new highs this week as heatwaves scorched parts of the Northern Hemisphere, triggering health warnings and fanning wildfires in the latest stark reminder of the effects of global warming. Even Rome's zoo had to take steps to help the animals cope with the extreme heat.

Finally, this week marked the launch of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup in Auckland, New Zealand. To mark the long-awaited event, skydiver Brent Findlay parachuted into Eden Park with a 17-metre-long World Cup flag, where some matches will be held.

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