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Looking for a day trip from Rome? Take the new high speed train to Pompeii

Italy's new direct service between Rome and Pompeii launched 16 July

A new high speed rail route has launched in Italy connecting Rome with one of the country’s most popular tourist sites, Pompeii.

Travelling by Italy’s Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) high speed train, the service will initially just run on every third Sunday of the month. Though, this may increase in the future.

The train service launched on Sunday 16 July. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano joined travellers on the journey followed by an excursion in Pompeii.

How fast is the new train between Rome and Pompeii?

The train departs Rome at 8:53am and leaves Pompeii to return at 18:40, giving tourists enough time for a full day of exploring.

Prior to this service, travellers between the two places had to either change in Naples or in Salerno. The new direct service cuts the journey time down to one hour 57 minutes, saving travellers between 15 and 30 minutes.

Though train prices have yet to be confirmed, tickets are expected to cost €29.90 - up to €5 cheaper than paying for the slower, non-direct train.

Until the service gets extended, for those wishing to travel at any other time than the third Sunday of the month, there are around 50 daily trains between the cities.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Posted on 18 Jul 2023 07:00 link