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Israeli parliament to vote on Netanyahu's judicial reforms on Supreme Court powers

Israelis protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's judicial overhaul plan outside the parliament in Jerusalem, Sunday, July 23, 2023.

Thousands of Israeli protesters have ended their four-day march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a mass mobilisation to oppose the government's justice system changes.

Many are now camped in a park near the country's parliament. A final vote on the bill is due to take place on Monday.

There have been months of protests in Israel over the reforms, which seek to limit the Supreme Court's powers.

Critics of the proposed changes say the Supreme Court is the only channel to scrutinise the government's use of power and prevent abuse by the state. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker on Sunday but vowed to be present for the vote. 

The judicial revamp proposed by his hard-right government has split the nation and, since its unveiling in January, sparked one of the most significant protest movements in Israel's history.

The final vote Monday will be on the "reasonability" clause through which judges can strike down government decisions.

Netanyahu's government, which includes extreme-right and ultra-Orthodox Jewish allies, plans to curb the Supreme Court's powers granted under this clause. They argue the changes are necessary to ensure a better balance of power.

Critics accuse Netanyahu, who is on trial on corruption charges he denies, of trying to use the reforms to quash possible judgements against him. He rejects the accusation.

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