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Israel Surrounds Gaza’s Largest Hospital, Saying Hamas Hides in Tunnels Beneath

After days of fighting, Israeli troops and tanks have surrounded Gaza’s largest hospital complex, calling on Hamas forces hiding beneath the hospital to surrender. 

Israeli Perspective: Israeli forces say a key Hamas control center is located in bunkers and tunnels beneath the hospital. A “U.S. official with knowledge of American intelligence” cited by CNN (Lean Left bias) confirmed the presence of a Hamas command node beneath the hospital. Israel has denied responsibility for explosions that hit the hospital, and an Israeli spokesperson said the IDF would help evacuate babies trapped inside. 

Palestinian Perspective: Medics said at least 32 patients, including a premature baby in an incubator, had died after a power outage. Hundreds of other patients and dozens of babies reportedly remain trapped inside, and about 60,000 Palestinians were sheltering within the hospital complex when Israeli forces arrived. Hamas and hospital officials denied the presence of a command center at the hospital. 

How the Media Covered It: Live coverage was common in major mainstream news outlets, often matching previous trends: some left-rated outlets placed more emphasis on Palestinian voices, and some right-rated outlets placed more emphasis on Israeli voices. Regional outlets were even more split; while Al Jazeera (Lean Left bias) featured several articles on patient deaths at Al-Shifa and other Gaza hospitals, including warnings of Israeli “snipers targeting those sheltering in al-Shifa,” The Jerusalem Post (Center bias) appeared not to publish its own original coverage on the patient deaths, instead highlighting deaths caused by Hamas-aligned militants.

Posted on 13 Nov 2023 20:26 link