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Israel Protests in Photos

Police officers trying to break up demonstrations.
Israeli riot police used water canons to disperse protesters in Tel Aviv on Monday evening.Credit...Oded Balilty/Associated Press

Israel’s political turmoil reached a crescendo on Monday night, when thousands of Israelis took to the streets across the country on Monday evening after the right-wing ruling coalition passed the first part of a controversial plan to weaken Israel’s judiciary.

Defying the dissent raging in the streets, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies enacted a law on Monday limiting the Supreme Court’s ability to overrule government decisions. Mr. Netanyahu’s supporters say activist judges have seized too much power from the country’s elected leaders, effectively tying their hands.

Mr. Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul has bitterly divided the country. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have demonstrated against the legislation for over six months, saying the proposed changes would effectively end the independence of the judiciary and put civil rights in danger.

Here’s a selection of the best photographs from a turbulent few days in Israel:

Tents erected by people protesting the judicial changes could be seen on Monday near the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, in Jerusalem.

Protesters blocking the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv.

An injured demonstrator being dragged by a police officer trying to detain him.

Furious mass protests on Monday evening shut down major roadways.

Israeli lawmakers taking a selfie with the minister of justice, Yariv Levin, center right, in the foreground, after approving a key portion of a highly contentious law that limits the Supreme Court’s ability to check governmental power.

Protesters massed, taking over junctions and main roads in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and around the country. Some lit bonfires or burned tires.

Protesters under fire from a water cannon.

Security forces removing protesters blocking the entrance of the Israel Parliament.

Thousands of anti-government protesters marched from Tel Aviv and converged in Jerusalem outside Parliament as the judiciary bill was being voted on.

There was a heavy police presence on Monday and barricades outside the Parliament building.

Demonstrators held a large Israeli flag aloft outside the Parliament.

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