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Hunter Biden's Gallery Sold His Art to Democratic Donor, Personal Lawyer

Hunter Biden has sold at least $1.3 million of his artwork since 2021, and one of the buyers was appointed to a federal commission by President Joe Biden in 2022.

The Details: According to Insider (Lean Left bias), philanthropist and Democratic donor Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali purchased at least one of the paintings. President Biden appointed her to the Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad in July 2022, eight months after Hunter's first art opening. It's unclear when she bought the painting or how much she paid, and an administration official told Insider "there was no connection between her art purchases and her appointment." Another buyer was Kevin Morris, an attorney who has reportedly lent Hunter Biden as much as $2 million to help pay off back taxes and penalties stemming from federal tax charges against him. 

For Context: The White House had said previously "that Hunter Biden's team had a process for carefully vetting buyers, and that their identities were known only to the gallery, and not to Hunter Biden himself," Insider reported.

How the Media Covered It: Few left-rated sources covered the story other than Insider, and no center-rated sources covered it at the time of this writing. Right-rated sources highlighted the news prominently, and many framed it as more possible evidence of Biden family corruption. Most reports highlighted how it's unclear when Hirsh Naftali bought the art, and labeled the commission she was appointed to as "prestigious" or "coveted."

Posted on 25 Jul 2023 14:44 link