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From heatwaves to hailstorms: Italy is blowing hot and cold

Screengrab from video of hailstorm in Seregna, northern Italy taken by bookshop worker

Torrential rain swept across northern Italy on Friday, 21 July, bringing high winds, hail and flash flooding. 

In the town of Seregno, hail-filled floodwaters coursed through the streets while an intense hailstorm hit Venice on Wednesday.

The bad weather comes as the heatwave in the South continues unabated.

In Sicily, temperatures are hovering around 45 ºC and the power grid is overloaded as residents have been warned to stay indoors and turn up the air con.

Hospital admissions have increased by 20 percent and two Sicilians have so far died.

Posted on 21 Jul 2023 21:36 link