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France Faces Much More Than Policing Problems

The ongoing police-killing-induced riots in France have spurred opinions across the spectrum that claim the unrest reveals large problems in French society, including social and economic divide.

Racist Policing: An opinion for The Guardian (Lean Left) says poor, racially discriminatory policing has been a long-standing problem in France, and that failure of political classes to address the issue is why young people (especially of color) see themselves “at war with ‘the system’.” It criticized “far-right politicians” assessments of the situation as a “civil war” as “racist” and the actions of left-center President Emmanuel Macron.

Tough Spot for Macron: An opinion for Financial Times (Center) said Macron’s critics may “argue that he indulged a dysfunctional police force… calculating that to do otherwise would play into the hands of the far-right,” but rebukes by saying there are issues with the current police system including inefficient resources and poor training. The opinion argued Macron has made progress against the “long legacy of government neglect” in France’s poorer neighborhoods, but may have been in over his head with promises.

A Broken System: An opinion for The Telegraph (Lean Right) declared France’s socialist system “broken” saying its “high taxes” and “social ‘protections’” have stifled growth and opportunity. It said Macron has “taken steps towards freeing up the economy” but his “arrogance” has “alienated swathes of the country.” The opinion said “high-rise suburbs” have been neglected the most, suffering from poverty, violence, and a “shockingly common” number of Islamist terrorist attacks, and that “there appears to be little political will to do anything.”

Posted on 02 Jul 2023 18:59 link