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DOJ Sues Texas Over Floating Border Barriers Placed in Rio Grande

The Department of Justice is taking legal action against Texas in an effort to remove floating barriers placed on the Rio Grande River to deter unauthorized migrants from crossing the southern border. 

Key Quotes: The DOJ sent Texas Governor Greg Abbott a letter last week ordering the barrier be removed, stating, “The State of Texas’s actions violate federal law, raise humanitarian concerns, present serious risks to public safety and the environment, and may interfere with the federal government’s ability to carry out its official duties.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to the letter with a tweet reading, “Texas has the sovereign authority to defend our border, under the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution. We have sent the Biden Administration numerous letters detailing our authority, including the one I hand-delivered to President Biden earlier this year.” Abbott added, “We will see you in court, Mr. President.”

For Context: The floating barriers were placed on the river in early June, sparking concern from Democratic lawmakers in the state and the Mexican government, which claims the barriers violate two international treaties. Abbott and the federal government have previously feuded over the handling of unauthorized immigration into Texas from Mexico. The DOJ is reportedly also looking into reports from a Texas state trooper alleging that border officials are enforcing "inhumane" policies.

How the Media Covered It: Left-rated outlets more prominently highlighted reports of inhumane treatment of migrants crossing the southern border. 

Posted on 24 Jul 2023 23:52 link