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Bridge returned error 404! (19682)

The website was not found

RSS-Bridge tried to fetch a page on a website. But it doesn't exists.


Type: HttpException
Code: 404
Message: https://www.euronews.com/api/timeline.json?limit=30 resulted in 404 Not Found
File: lib/contents.php
Line: 203


#0 index.php(7): RssBridge->main()
#1 lib/RssBridge.php(15): RssBridge->run()
#2 lib/RssBridge.php(94): DisplayAction->execute()
#3 actions/DisplayAction.php(125): EuronewsBridge->collectData()
#4 bridges/EuronewsBridge.php(57): getContents()
#5 lib/contents.php(203)


Query: action=display&bridge=EuronewsBridge&lang=www.euronews.com&limit=30&format=Atom
Version: dev.2023-03-22 (git.master.410ef85)
OS: Linux
PHP: 8.2.8

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Posted on 21 Nov 2023 15:45 link