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Blockbuster ‘Barbenheimer’ Weekend Draws Droves to Theaters

In what has been dubbed “Barbenheimer,” blockbuster movies Barbie and Oppenheimer hit theaters on Friday, resulting in a pop culture frenzy and widespread media coverage.

For Context: Barbie, is a live-action film with feminist themes, framed through the popular children’s toy doll. Oppenheimer chronicles the American creation of the atomic bomb.

Barbenheimer, In That Order: An opinion writer for The Guardian (Lean Left bias) went to see both movies back-to-back and commented on how disorienting it was to see Oppenheimer before Barbie. The writer said Oppenheimer “requires processing,” and being thrust into a theater “populated by dozens of children whose parents didn’t get the memo that the film was… not a fun movie about a toy,” hampered his experience. 

A Striking Hollywood: Wired (Center bias) posted an analysis saying Barbenheimer “signals the start of Hollywood’s apocalypse,” referencing the ongoing strikes in the film industry. It noted that the strikes clearly aren’t affecting the massive success of Barbie or Oppenheimer, but as it continues, will result in a “bigger hole” in the industry next summer.

Hang With The Boys: An opinion writer for The Federalist (Right bias) highlighted mental health problems men have been facing lately, chalking them up to the trajectory of Western culture, and highlighted a New York Times (Lean Left bias) piece that also alluded to male loneliness, and need for more socialization with male friends. The writer said men should get together with a group of their “fellas” and go see both movies this weekend.

Posted on 22 Jul 2023 18:51 link