International ONLINE Competition for Young Flutists 2020

German Flute Society e.V. – Category Flute solo – Deadline: May 30th, 2020

Due to the new situation in Europe to curb the corona pandemic, the German Flute Society is launching an international online competition for young flutists for the first time. The aim of this competition is to give young flutists the opportunity to present their skills on an international platform despite the currently limited rehearsal opportunities.

Therefore, the competition is conducted in the flute solo category without accompaniment.

Children, adolescents and young adults who have not yet started any musical professional training can participate. They are divided into three age groups:

  • (I): 12-14 years
  • (II): 15-17 years
  • (III): 18-21 years

The competition is held all in one go and the length of the lecture per age group is: 

  • Age group I: 5-10 min 
  • Age group II: 10-15 min 
  • Age group III: 10-15 min

The competition programme can include one work or one movement, or can also contain several works / movements within the required playing time. Arrangements for solo flute are allowed. Participation takes place by sending in video clips (see «further information» for instructions).


Required for registration are:

  1. Complete the online registration form ›››
  2. Upload a portrait photo (refer to further instructions) ›››
  3. Upload the video clip in accordance with the rules to be read in the registration conditions to ›››
  4. Transfer the registration fee ›››

The registration is only valid as soon as the registration form has been completed, the video and portrait photos have been submitted, and the registration fee has been received.


An international top-class jury will evaluate the entries:

Lars Asbjørnsen, Norway | Britta Bauer, Austria | Leyla Bayramoğullari, Turkey | Qiling Chen, China | Ewa Murawska, Poland | Carina Vogel, Germany | Elisabeth Weinzierl, Germany | Ruth Wentorf, Germany | Ewelina Zawiślak, Poland

Deadline for submission: May 30th, 2020 – Registration fee: € 30,- 

Proceed to the registration ›››