Participance in the Flutynars is free of charge for members of the DGfF e.V.. However, we kindly ask you to register if you would like to attend the Flutynar. This enables us to plan the event better. You will receive a link in good time that will take you to the concert/classroom.

Participance fee is € 20.- to our PayPal account (please proceed to the bottom of the page and click the «Paypal»-icon) for interested people from outside.

Please notice that a registration is ONLY possible until ONE DAY BEFORE the Flutynar

If you are prevented from attending at short notice, you can cancel your registration at any time - you will then receive a link to the recording after the Flutynar, which you can use to follow the event on your screen afterwards.

Registration DIDACTICS!

Flutynar IX – Juergen Franz – 17.9.2022, 11:00hr
Please enter the number, if you are a member of the DGfF. Should you have misplaced your membership number, please note this also in the field above. Please understand that your registration is only valid if your name is actually listed in our membership directory.
As the link to the webinar/recording will be sent by e-mail, please make sure to double-check your address!