Italian Flute Association – Falaut

Presentation by Salvatore Lombardi

Let's give voice to the flute in Italy, together! Falaut magazine was born in 1999, from an idea of ​​Salvatore Lombardi

The strength of this periodical has always been enclosed in the passion and enthusiasm of its collaborators and readers.

The cultural movement, which the magazine has generated in recent years, has meant that there was the need to create a series of events linked to the Italian cultural tradition for the enhancement of the Italian flute and flutists, a world made of comparison and dialogue between schools and musicians and the possibility of interacting with them thus eliminating the pre-existing gap between professionals, students and simple enthusiasts.

It has represented, and represents, the mirror of a lively and pulsating flute reality, constantly searching for new spaces, meeting places, exchanges of ideas, preserving its own identity over the years while enhancing the various individualities without distinction. To strengthen this project, in 2007, the Italian Flutists Association was born with the aim of rediscovering, promoting, disseminating and enhancing the Italian Flute School in all its aspects.

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