European Flute Festival 2021

presented by the European Flute Council


The European Flute Festival 2021 has been implemented from 28th to 29th October. We are grateful to have received so many many outstanding contributions from flutists all over the world!

To give everybody the opportunity to view the videos on a longer term, EFC decided to make them visible again from November 01st on. You may also consider visiting the YouTube-channel of the EFC ›››

Malcolm Pollock, co-chair of the EFC, welcomes the participants and contributors to the festival 2021

About us

The European Flute Council (EFC) was formed in 2015 to encourage and develop sustainable and strategically important projects across Europe through co-operation between European flute associations. Such projects would be particularly focused on educational and artistic development. The EFC board consists of 6 elected members from different European countries, who act according to the EFC constitution and the mandate given to them by the annual EFC conference. All European Flute Societies and festivals are invited to engage with the EFC in a loose federation of common interests, and the logos of 17 of these are listed on our website.

The 2021 European Flute Festival


It is generally accepted that the global pandemic has had a huge impact on the performing arts worldwide. Flute players have been affected like everyone else, with challenges at all levels from finding new ways to connect to audiences to the need to develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning. One of the main developments is of course the growth of online content and methods of interaction, and this festival makes full use of this medium.

Featuring some of Europe’s foremost flute players, we celebrate the huge variety of the flute repertoire through recitals, feature presentations on many aspects of playing and flute manufacture, and interview the great flautist, Emmanuel Pahud. In addition, we feature specially prepared videos by European flute societies and festivals on their work. We hope that, as the title suggests, these videos will inspire musicians across Europe and beyond to transcend the practical (and hopefully temporary) difficulties we are currently facing, being as they are a tribute to the expressive power and versatility of the flute.