Die Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger 2022 in der Altersgruppe I

1. Preis: Louis Liu

Louis Liu, aged fourteen and from New Zealand, started flute at the age of seven. Recently, winning the title of: Champion Vents of the canon of Neuchatel. He has won the Australian Flute Festival Young Artist Competition (under 18 category), the San Francisco international online flute competition, been awarded the Outstanding Junior Performer at the Galway flute festival, performed in the gala concert of the Guangzhou international flute competition. His current teacher being Philipp Jundt and having been performing in masterclasses in the likes of Michael Kofler, Martin Belič, Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway, Denis Bouriakov, Ulla Miilmann, Kersten McCall, Maxence Larrieu, Matthias Ziegler and Gergely Ittzés.

1. Preis: Greta Mandler

  • Februar 2021 Aufnahme ins Landesjugendorchester Baden Württemberg
  • 1. Preis „Karel Kunc Wettbewerb 2019“, Duo Holzblasinstrument und Klavier,Altersgruppe II - Flöte
  • 1. Preis „Jugend musiziert“ Landeswettbewerb 2019, Duo Holzblasinstrument und Klavier, Altersgruppe II - Flöte
  • 1. Preis „Jugend musiziert“ Landeswettbewerb 2019, Kammermusik, Altersgruppe II - Klavier
  • 1. Preis „Jugend musiziert“ Landeswettbewerb 2018, Flöte solo, Altersgruppe II, jüngste Teilnehmerin
  • Förderpreis der Sparkassen in Baden Württemberg für hervorragende Leistungen in der Kategorie Querflöte - Altersgruppe II
  • 1. Preis „Jugend musiziert“ Landeswettbewerb 2017, Holzbläser Ensemble, Altersgruppe II Februar 2021

2. Preis: Marie Aggermann

Marie Aggermann lernt seit ihrem 8. Lebensjahr Flöte bei Stefan Rauter und Irmgard Messin. Sie wurde mehrfach beim Bundeswettbewerb und Aspektefestival ausgezeichnet. Spielte im Mozartkinderorchester, mittlerweile beim Jugendsinfonieorchester und singt im Festspiele und Theatermädchenchor.

2. Preis: Maria Stavytska

Maria Stavytska was born on June 29, 2008 in Kyiv in a family of musicians.
She started leaning to play to recorder at the age of 5 at the Kyiv State Music School 10, teacher Yaroslav Kutsan.
In May 20140 won in the Ukrainian competition "Con amore festum".
From September 2017 Maria began to study at the Kyiv State Music Lyceum in the class of Honored Artist in Ukraine, soloist of the National Opera of the Ukraine professor of the Department of Woodwind Instrument of the Tchaikovsky NMAU Volodymyr Turbovsky.
First prize at International Competition "Art of the XXI Century" May 2019 and the Grand Prix at the International Online Competition "Lviv Fanfare 2020".
Also among the latest achievements are the "Falaut Virtuoso Prize 2020" II prize, Italy, June 2020.
Now Maria studing in Oleksiy Yaremenko's class.

3. Preis: Wendi Wang

Wang wendi, whose English name is Wendy, is 14 years old. She studies in the Middle School affiliated to Wuhan Conservatory of Music. At 9 years old, I learned flute from Yan Ling, dean of Wuhan Musicology. In September 2020, I was admitted to Tianjin Juilliard School of Music for pre-class, and now I am learning flute from Gergely Ittzes, resident professor of Tianjin Juilliard School. On January 8, 2022, I successfully held my flute solo concert in the Concert Hall of Tianjin Juilliard Conservatory, which was highly praised.
First prize of Flute Group B in the 5th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2018 Music Competition;
Won the first prize for flute solo and flute Ensemble in the 6th Aiwuyin 2019 College Cup Youth Art Competition held by Wuhan Conservatory of Music;
In April 2020, it won the gold Medal of the third TSP International Orchestra Open In 2020.
On February 22, 2021, participated in the 10th Amigudala, Italy -- Memorial Rachitti International Music Competition -- Wind Music Group B flute solo 100 points, won the special prize;
On March 24, 2021, the third Vienna Classical School International Network Music Competition group A, flute solo 99 points, won the special prize;
On March 28, 2021, flute solo, won the first prize in Group C of the Spring 2021 Global International Classical Music Network Competition.

3. Preis: Yutong Zhang

Born in 2007 in Nanjing, a city in southeastern China. In 2019, she began to study at the secondary art school affiliated to Nanjing University of the Arts. Under the tutelage of associate professor Ma Li.
In 2020, she won the first place in Junior High School Group and Technique Group in Shanghai Music Campus Flute Competition. The 2nd Yangtze River Delta Wind Solo Cloud Performance flute professional secondary school group gold medal