German Flute Society (DGfF e.V.)

Presentation by Ruth Wentorf, Marco Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Almut Pieck, András Adorján, Britta Bauer

It started with the idea of two flutists in German cultural orchestras to initiate an association of like-minded people based on the American model. The intention was that flutists of all levels, amateurs as well as professionals, teachers and musicians in orchestras as well as students would find a forum for mutual exchange. Thus, on 3 July 1985, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flöte e.V. (German Society for the Flute) was founded in Frankfurt am Main.

The film presents the work of the DGfF:
00:00 - The foundation
02:11 - The magazine «Flöte Aktuell»
03:39 - International Flute Festivals
04:33 - Flute Days
05:47 - Virtual Flute Festival
08:40 - Flutynars ( Didactics)
10:17 - Competitions for young flutists and flautists
12:20 - The Board of Directors of the DGfF

Video 13:00 min