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Philippe Bernold: Joachim Andersen opus 15 number 3, arranged for flute and harp by R. Guiot | Wissam Boustany: Three Improvisations | Mario Caroli: Doina Rotaru & André Jolivet | Eyal Ein-Habar: Fantaisie op. 50 by A. B. Fürstenau | Paul Edmund Davies: The Rabboni Project | Gergely Ittzes: Capricous Fantaisies | Olga Ivusheikova and Uliana Zhivitskaya: Sonata for 2 flutes and piano by Ivan Sokolov | Gaby Pas-Van Riet and the Lotus String Quartet: Flute Quintet in A-Major op. 105 by Anton Reicha

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